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Frequently Asked Questions for Quilt Dash


Q:  When do I get my free quilt pattern?

A:  A link for it will be sent to you in an email from Quilt Dash after the Dash is complete.

Q:  When are the prizes chosen?

A:  As close to the first business day after the Quilt Dash has completed. (But never on a weekend!)

Q:  How many shops do I have to find to be eligible for prizes?

A:  All of them.

Q:  When EXACTLY does the Dash end?

A:  11:00 pm CST/CDT on the night of the ending date.

Q:  Can I change my Member ID to something easier to remember?

A:  No, but after you login once with the information we give you, you can start logging in with your email address. You also have the ability to change your password on the "Dashboard" page in your member's account.

Q:  Can I share my free pattern with my best friend, quilt guild or other quilters I know?

A:  No, you cannot. If we find they’ve been shared with non-Dash members, you'll be removed & banned from our site!

Q:  Why so strict?

A:  The patterns are copyrighted to the designer. It is against policy and the law to give away work protected by copyright. If your best friend wants a free pattern, have her sign up to do some Dashin’ of her own!

After Dashes are complete, the patterns go on sale at the Dash Patterns' website.  You can go there by clicking here - https://dashpatterns.com.

Q:  Ok, I want to Dash - what do I do now?

A:  After you’ve registered and receive the email with your login information (it can take up to 24 hours), login to your account and ‘Join the Dash’. You’ll have a list of available "Dashes" on your account page. Just click on the JOIN link for each Dash you want to do. You can’t Dash without joining!

Q:  How do we know if we won a prize?

A:  First, we'll personally email the prize winners individually. Second, you can look at the Quilt Dash prize page at: http://www.quiltdash.com/prizes.html to find out who the winners are. If you see a name that could be yours, feel free to email us to find out if it could be you, since sometimes emails don't always go through. We'll be happy to let you know if you were winning!

Q:  When are the prizes sent to the winners?

A:  All prizes are either coupon codes off of products from the participating shops or free patterns of your choice. They're usually sent to the winners via email after the month's Quilt Dash has ended.

Q:  Can I play the Dash games if I do not live in the United States or Canada?

A:  Yes, you may play & you may complete each Quilt Dash to earn the free patterns.

Q:  I keep clicking on a "You Found It" image, but it's not registering in my Dash account. What can I do?

A:  You should first clear your browser's temporary files & cache. Then close the browser window & reboot your computer. It should work just fine! Another option is to right-click on your mouse as it is placed over the link and choose to save it to your computer.  If neither of these solutions work for you, feel free to email us & we'll see what we can do to help you out!

Q:  I can't sign up to a current Quilt Dash the day before and/or the last day the Quilt Dash is scheduled.  Why?

A:  We've found that a number of current members & new members wait until the last minute to try to play a Quilt Dash game. Then they get frustrated with Quilt Dash, if we are not available to help them with locating an image, so they can complete their Quilt Dash. Therefore, we do not allow current members or new members to join to a Quilt Dash game, the day before and the final day of each Quilt Dash game.

Q:  How do I reach a person if I need help?

A:  Send an email to quiltdash@gmail.com - Tammy will answer your email as soon as she can. If you email in the evening, or on a weekend, it might take a little longer to answer. We like to keep normal hours & spend the rest of our time with our families.



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